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Free Classified Users Guide & Frequently Asked Questions


Posting is easy!

Simply follow the instructions below:

Click "Post to Classifieds" in the yellow bar at the top of all pages.

Choose a category for your Ad.

Enter a title, price (if applicable), specific location (you can just put a nearby intersection or your postal code if you want), and description.

You have the option of uploading up to four photos


Then enter your email address and click the "Post Your Ad" button.

Finally, check your email for a message from Click the "Post Confirmation" link in that email and your Ad will appear on the site.


What is is a free online community for you to buy, sell, trade, post jobs, apply for jobs, and offer your services. is absolutely free and we desire to keep a safe environment for you and your family to conduct online business. is designed as a tool to help you buy, sell, and communicate to the community.

Is really free? is absolutely free to buy, sell, and post. There are no strings attached!

Can I add Video to my Ad?

Yes you can! Video in classified ads is the newest thing. You can create a video or video slideshow. Upload it to a hosting service like or Google Video Service then just copy the “embed code" into your ad.  This works great for home tours or with selling your pets!

Is it hard to put images on my Ad?

When you are on the "Post Ad" or "Edit Ad" page, click the "Browse..." button which appears under the Images heading. Select a picture file from your computer then click "OK". The picture will then be uploaded and attached to your Ad. You can add up to three more pictures using the same process. Remember people like to contact you when you have pictures. Pictures mean a lot to buyers so always try to include pictures with your Ads.

Will Egoob settle disputes between buyers and sellers?


No, will not settle the disputes between buyers and sellers. does not offer any type of verification process of who the person is. is designed to be a person-to-person market. is also designed to be an advertising board for you to broadcast your items. We are not a site that backs transactions. Therefore if you have a bad or fraudulent transaction contact your local police.

Please see the page on Safe Buying and Selling HERE

Why isn't there an for the city I live in?


If you think there should be a site for the city you live in, then please send us a email as soon as possible .

What can I do to get more people on my ad?

To increase the chance of getting a good response, follow these simple tips:

·        Include Pictures in your Ads! Everyone likes to look at pictures!

·        Always include as much information in your ad as you can. Keep the attention of your viewers but having all the details in the ad.

·        Use Video in your ad!

·        Use words in the key word field so that when a buyer is searching the ad pulls up.

·        Use a subject line that grabs your buyers’ attention. Avoid the annoying ++++ and $$$$$, that is not necessary to fill up space on your subject line.

Tell your friends about The more people who use, the more responses you'll get!

How can I post an Ad in multiple cities? is designed for local trading. We intentionally do not enable you to post your Ad in multiple cities simultaneously. Please post your Ad in the city or closest city where you or your item is located.

Why is there an error that says this word is banned?


Make sure there is no offensive language in your ad. Remember that this is a family community. If there is no offensive language please sent a copy of what you want to say along with the subject line to and we will review it.

I am being told I posted too many ads!


There is a 25 ad limit to keep spam eliminated. If you need more than 25 contact us.

My confirmation email didn’t come!


Please check your Junk and Bulk mailbox first. If you still can't find the email, please email us at

Why was my Ad removed from the site?


There are several reasons why an Ad may have been removed from the site including:

The Ad violated our posting policy.
Users flagged the Ad as being spam or offensive.
The Ad was posted in multiple cities. ( is about local trading, so ensure you only post in your city.)
The Ad expired automatically after 30 days of it being posted.

How long do Ads last on the site?


The Ad will stay on the site for 30 days unless you remove it yourself.
How can I edit, repost or delete my Ad from the site?


If you are a registered user then go to My Account to edit or delete.  If you aren't a registered user, find your "Posting Confirmation" email from that you got when you posted your Ad on the site. This email will have links to edit or delete your Ad.

Please email

How can I contact the poster of an Ad?


Replying to an Ad is completely free. To contact the poster of an Ad, click the “CLICK HERE TO CONTACT POSTER BY EMAIL” and fill out the form.  The seller will then be able to contact you by email to give you any needed information about the item or service.

Are Ads screened before they go on the site?


No, gets so many ads posted each day there is no way to keep track.  If you see an Ad that looks to be Spam, Offensive, Miscategorized, or Illegal please flag it by clicking on the link on the top of the Ad page.

What should I do if I see an Ad that I think is spam, offensive, miscategorized or illegal?


If you see an Ad which you think is illegal, prohibited or otherwise a bad fit for the site, please report it by clicking one of the links on the top of the page. We have a no trash policy with and we only want ads that are good for the whole family. Illegal Ads can also be reported by contacting us at  Please be sure to include the Ad subject whenever you contact us.

How do the "Flag this Ad" links work and how do they help the site?


Since the team can not review the amount of ads posted each day, the "Flag this Ad" links enables users that visit the site each week to identify Ads that do not belong on the site. Once an Ad has been reported, the team will act quickly to remove it if necessary. An Ad can be reported as Spam, Miscategorized, and Prohibited. Use the links found on the Ad page on the top of the page to report an Ad.

What can I do if my transaction goes bad?


If you feel like you have been involved in a bad or fraudulent transaction. You need to contact the local police. We at Egoob can only stress to keep your transactions local and in person so that you don’t have to be concerned about this. Again if something happens with your transaction that you feel was fraud please contact us so we can review the ad for removal or from future posts.


Please see the page on Safe Buying and Selling HERE

Can I scalp tickets on


Ticket Scalping is regulated by law in each State and jurisdiction. Egoob does not permit selling tickets above the face value of the ticket. We depend on you the user to report any ticket ads that are selling above the face value of the ticket.


How can I report any scam emails I receive?


If you get any suspicious emails from users, please forward them to support address at immediately


Please see the page on Safe Buying and Selling HERE


How do I report a bug I've encountered with the site?


If you encounter a bug when using, please let us know!


  • What page was the bug on
  • What was the last thing that you clicked on
  • What is your email

How do I suggest a new feature?


We're constantly adding new features based upon feedback. Please contact us with any of your suggestions. 

If you have a question that isn't answered in the above list, then please go to the Contact us page.



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